7 ways to elevate a space with George & Willy

Established by duo George Wilkins and Will McCullum whilst at college, George and Willy creates simple signage and letterboards from their studio, reintroducing a quality and aesthetic akin to days done by.

"We focus on providing essential pieces that are made well and look good. A George and Willy product need never be replaced and we want every piece to be versatile and fit into a range of spaces and situations," says Wilkins.

The past year has thrown more curve balls than we can count. Society has been forced to alter the way it socialises, works and lives. People have spent more time at home than ever before, the dog is completely sick of being taken for multiple walks a day and everyone has done more online shopping over this time than any other.

Spending so much time at home reminds us of all those little things we need to fix around the house and all the things we’ve always wanted (fresh interior décor, new kitchen, the list goes on). That’s why George and Willy has identified seven ways to elevate your space.

1 Simplistic approach. In particular relating to office areas, both at home and in the workplace. If our desk is cluttered, we feel frazzled. It’s difficult to focus on the important tasks at hand when we have bits of paper, notes, pens, plants, weird trinkets that we never know what to do with, stationary and our laptop all on one surface.

Start by cutting it back to the essentials. The Wooden Pegboard is perfect for cleaning up an area and utilising space. Ideal for displaying tools, objects, clothing or necessities, the Wooden Pegboard shelf is made from architectural grade birch plywood and is designed to last.

2. Minimalistic approach. An extension of the simplistic approach, our minimalistic approach takes the ‘mess’ out of everything. It’s important to have one key space for making notes, creations and designs so nothing gets lost or forgotten.

The Daily Roller is ideal for notes and quick ideas. The Roller Products are fitted to the wall at whatever level you desire so you can easily see your list on the go. Once you have a clear desk, move on to other surfaces around the house. Clearing up the kitchen bench can do wonders.

3. Signage, reminders and notes. Every household has a designated place for notes, whether that’s a shopping list, on a scrap piece of paper, the family calendar, weekly to-do list or reminders. If you need something slightly bigger than the Daily Roller, the Studio Roller is perfect.

Available in multiple colour ways, with four different sizes, there’s a Studio Roller suitable for everyone. Simple and functional, the wall-mounted Studio Roller uses butcher's kraft paper rolls that easily dispense, so you can design the next dish on the menu, plan your day or get creative. This product is also a fast-favourite for children to get creative on.

4. Utilise your space. Valuable floor space is lost so easily with everyday ‘stuff’, so it’s time to start thinking about vertical opportunities within your home. One of the bulkiest and most frustrating ‘essentials’ was the clothes horse. As an alternative, the Hanging Drying Rack is the answer to all your problems.

The Hanging Drying Rack is suspended from the ceiling using a seamless pulley system and crafted from timber and aluminium, making it the economic and environmental way to dry and air clothing. It is easy to use, saves space and dries clothes more quickly than other method.

5. Artwork. Wanting a change to your space? Try moving current pieces of artwork around to different areas to change the feel of your environment. Needing new artwork? Why not go for something interchangeable and adaptable like the Scout Letter Board. This can go on its own or coordinated in with multiple pieces of art. You can modify ideas and notes within minutes, making a huge difference to your space.

6. Individual style & aesthetic. Your place has to be filled with things you genuinely love. Replicate a living room off Pinterest doesn’t automatically make it feel like your home. Include things you love, memories and things that inspire you.

The Wooden Letter Board is the perfect product to let individuality flow through personal quotes and inspirational messages. This statement piece has two sizes of letters that can display a range of lists or announcements in your space.

7. Unique accessories. If you have a fireplace or brazier, this product is for you. The Firelighter, inspired by Alaskan whalers from the 18th century, is a revolutionary way to light your fire without kindling or newspaper. Starting a fire has never been so easy nor looked so good.