Aussie eco giftware brand collaborates with local artist on new range

Sow ‘n Sow has partnered with Newcastle based artist Jackie Anderson for its new Pop Up Pot collection.

Pop Up Pot is a foldable waterproof plant pot that assembles with a quick pop and a push and is designed to bring artwork into the home in a unique and bold way.

“Jackie Anderson’s vibrant acrylic artwork is very layered, expressive and textural with colour as a key element, which is displayed beautifully on the Pop Up Pots,” says Sow ‘n Sow founder, Michelle Brady.

“You can see the textures including the bold, distinctive brushwork and layers of paint in each artwork that is printed on the pots.”

The Jackie Anderson collection includes three sizes of Pop Up Pots showcasing abstract hand-painted artworks titled Yonda, Bloom and Clouds. Each piece is inspired by natural landscapes and flora characterised by vivid colour and bold shapes.

“We've featured digital and watercolour artworks on previous Pop Up Pot collections, but I wanted to showcase artwork that was distinctively different from past ranges. I've been following Jackie Anderson for several years and was drawn to creating a collection with her as I love how she layers abstract shapes and colours to create reimagined imagery of vibrant landscapes and flora.”

Earlier this year, Brady approached Anderson with the opportunity to create a collection of Pop Up Pots featuring her artwork.

“We spoke briefly about the style of paintings I would like featured on our pots, but after our initial conversation she was given complete creative control to create each piece. In turn, she has created three stunning artworks for the collection that are equally beautiful displayed together or on their own.”

Pop Up Pots are made from 100 per cent recycled non-toxic polypropylene. The material is produced via a closed-loop system that recycles post-industrial waste such as manufacturing offcuts and used consumer products including flight safety cards that, if not recycled, would be sent to landfill.

With plastic waste levels increasing, it’s more important than ever before to rethink waste and move towards a circular economy, says Brady.

“Closed-loop systems that support a circular economy approach whereby the waste from existing products is turned into new products that re-enter the local supply chain are important for a sustainable future.

“By manufacturing our Pop Up Pots from 100 per cent recycled materials, we’re actively diverting waste from landfill and using it to create new durable and usable consumer products. This keeps the materials circulating in the loop for longer to maximise and extract as much value from it and minimise its environmental impact.”

The material used to make Sow ‘n Sow Pop Up Pots is an Australian-made plastic sheet that is 100 per cent recycled and 100 per cent recyclable and the world’s first 100 per cent carbon neutral plastic sheet certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute.

“The material is durable and lasts a lifetime with adequate care, but at the end of its life it can be placed in the recycling bin to be made into new products with little material degradation or waste creation,” adds Brady.

So can we expect more products featuring Anderson’s or other artists’ artwork in the future?

“We plan to collaborate with a different artist each year to create a new collection for our customers to enjoy. We may work with Jackie again in the future to create a new range featuring her artwork, but you might have to wait a while,” says Brady.

“Pop Up Pots are a blank canvas which makes them versatile for showcasing various mediums such as digital art, paint and illustrations. I'm excited to think about the talented artists we can collaborate with for future collections.”