Aussie gift store founder recognised at business awards

Aussie retail chain Spoilt founder, Chelsea McIntosh, has been named a finalist in the Business 3000+ Awards.

While she didn’t win the award, competing in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year category, McIntosh says she was thrilled to be nominated for an award that recognises her role as a woman in the community and the role she has played in building a business from the ground up.

“For me also it is all about leading and inspiring my staff and showing a strong commitment to the retail community,” she adds.

“I hope to use this award to inspire other small retailers and business owners to keep striving for success, no matter how tough the environment.”

The Female Entrepreneur Award recognises outstanding achievement by women entrepreneurs that best exemplify effective leadership, innovation, business growth and sustainability as well as demonstrating cultural, social and environmental awareness and a commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of the larger community.

McIntosh launched Spoilt in 2005, even though her family thought she was crazy when she told them she was opening a gift store in the Melbourne CBD. She now has eight stores in and around the CBD and employs close to 40 staff.

“I’ve always been about inspiring and leading my staff to work with the local community and also offer a service that is very much about helping rather than just serving.

“At Spoilt we pride ourselves on having a family culture in-store and also one that supports local communities. We are strong supporters of the St Kilda Mums Charity who we regularly donate stock to, as well as liaising with suppliers to source much-needed items for the organisation and having donation boxes at all of our counters. It’s things like this that makes Spoilt much more than just your one stop shop for gifts,” she comments.