Australian eco-friendly homewares site Jasper and Eve launches

New Australian homewares site Jasper and Eve is about more than great design. While founders Leslyn and Andy Parker are focused on sourcing beautiful objects for their customers, the pair is also committed to selling items produced in socially responsible ways.

“We have a passion for social justice and strongly believe that all of us need to be more responsible in our treatment of others and the environment,” says Leslyn Parker. “We wanted to contribute to society by using our creativity and love for interiors.”

This love is supported by professional experience. Designer Leslyn has worked as an art director in the advertising world and is completing a formal qualification in interiors, while Andy runs his own building and renovations business out of Sydney’s North Shore.

The idea for Jasper and Eve was born while the pair was renovating their home. “During our renovations, we noticed how many trends came in and out and we were concerned with the aftermath of passing trends…we started questioning the origins of our purchases and what happened to them afterwards,” says Parker.

“Admittedly it is very difficult to source every stop of the production process, however, we go back as far as logistically possible. We spent about 10 to 12 months sourcing suitable designers and suppliers for the products included in Jasper and Eve’s current range. We have a strict criteria that our designers and suppliers must meet.

“We were also mortified to see how much of Australian manufacturing was being produced overseas, leading to fewer jobs and higher prices on home soil, so we wanted to bring about change in that area as well… most of our items are made in Australia, or at the very least designed and printed by a local designer.”

In addition to a focus on ethical sourcing and production, Jasper and Eve is also committed to donating $1 from every sale to Cambodia WTL, a charity that works towards creating a better life for orphans, children,