Buxton Hanley brings Sock Doctor's Medi range to Australia

Functional clothing doesn’t have to be boring according to Sock Doctor (a subsidiary of Sexy Socks), which is introducing an entire range of socks designed specifically for medical and active use.

Suitable for people that suffer with diabetes, circulatory problems, Raynaud's Syndrome and sweaty feet, these comfortable and fun socks provide therapeutic support for all of these conditions. Each pair is thoughtfully constructed with a super soft bamboo graduated fit on the leg, extra stretch and a restrictive top to prevent elastic bite.

CEO and founder, Dave Hutchison, has wanted to bring out a medical range for a while now.

"The key was finding a way to make it fit our existing business model,” he says.

“With Sexy Socks, we give one pair of socks away for every one that we sell but doing the same would make the Medi-Socks unaffordable for too many people.”

Indeed, while the manufacturing process is the same, a percentage of the profits generated from sales of these socks are used to sponsor Medi-Socks for people in poor and disadvantaged communities which are rife in Hutchison's home city, Cape Town.

For Buxton Hanley, Sock Doctors’ exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand, the medical range fits in perfectly with its other collections.

"We have always chosen to work exclusively with companies that give back to the environment or society and Sock Doctor does just that," managing director, Caryn Hanley, enthuses.

"The current options available for people with circulatory issues are so limited and mostly very boring so at long last there is a fun, fashionable option in the market from a brand that is also giving back to people in need in a very meaningful way."

The socks are available in six designs with more to be launched before Christmas.

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