Buy From The Bush partners with PayPal for new online marketplace

Buy From the Bush (BFTB) and PayPal have launched a brand-new online emporium covering everything from fashion and homewares to jewellery and art.

The marketplace gives many rural businesses the ability to sell their products directly online for the first time, reaching a broader range of customers across Australia and beyond.

It has been a year since drought and bushfires inspired Grace Brennan to start an Instagram account and Facebook page, BFTB, to encourage Aussies in big cities to buy regional and support rural businesses.

The campaign quickly attracted fans from around the country who were able to use social media to support Aussie businesses.

Brennan says it is very exciting to work in partnership with PayPal to build this unique marketplace.

“We are connecting our amazing network of bush businesses with the wider Aussie community, just in time for the Christmas gifting season,” she enthuses.

“Our makers and retailers all have a unique story and we can’t wait for Aussies to discover and support these talented individuals.

“With the pandemic driving so much Christmas shopping online, people will want to get in early to make sure everything arrives on time. We hope Aussies in the cities and suburbs look to the bush for Christmas shopping this year and by so doing, invest in helping rural communities recover and thrive.”

PayPal’s recent 2020 eCommerce Index reveals 38 per cent of Australians are already consciously supporting local businesses to help their recovery from the pandemic.

The study also found that 15 per cent of Australian consumers started shopping online for the first time due to Covid-19 and nearly 38 per cent of respondents said they will continue a higher level of online shopping once the pandemic is over.

“With Christmas just around the corner and Aussies starting to think about buying gifts, we knew it was the perfect time to support local bush businesses by building a platform that could bring these unique brands to everyday Aussies,” says Danielle Grant, PayPal consumer shopping expert.

“Through the marketplace, Aussies can find something for everyone this year―from Australian made clothing and handcrafted homewares through to gourmet jams and handmade jewellery.

“With so much to choose from we have no doubt that Aussies will embrace the new Buy From The Bush Marketplace and discover beautiful gifts for friends and family, with the added bonus of supporting Australian rural communities.”

More than 250 businesses have signed up so far and many don’t have a website with e-commerce capabilities. The new BFTB Marketplace gives these businesses a safe, efficient and permanent home to sell their products online. It also helps connect city dwellers with the bush, which is particularly important as many Australians are currently restricted from travelling to rural communities.

“The resilience of our bush communities and businesses across Australia has been inspiring in the face of devastating drought, bushfires and now the ongoing effects of Covid-19,” Brennan adds.

“One year after launching BFTB, the movement has created real relationships between strangers, injected hope into isolated communities, created jobs and undoubtedly saved bush businesses. Our vision for this exciting new marketplace is to future-proof these businesses, and we’re excited to bring their stories and beautiful, unique products to Aussies all across the country.”