Cocco Corporation remains family business with daughters joining the company

After Cocco Corporation was put up for sale late last year, founder Nigel Treliving is delighted to keep the business in the family with his two daughters joining the company.

“Cocco Corporation and Trelivings have been an integral part of our lives ever since my sister, Vianne, and I were children,” says Stanzee Treliving.

“My father’s passion for the company has always been at the forefront and, when I think back to the original Trelivings business, I always have such fond memories from childhood. This includes Vianne and I frequently going into the head office showroom, spending time in the warehouse with the team, visiting trade shows and going overseas on business trips.”

With that in mind, it wasn’t a difficult decision when Nigel asked his daughters to join the family business.

“Prior to joining Cocco Corporation this year, we both have had our own careers and, naturally, it felt like the next step. I previously started a fashion label and a children’s online store, which has given me extremely valuable insight into the trials and tribulations of owning a small business.

“If I have learnt anything from the last few years, I also know how important family is so working together in the family business was an exciting move for all of us.”

Stanzee is excited about the future of the body and skincare company and all the opportunities this new venture will bring.

“As general manager, my plan for the business is to continue to keep to the core standards and beliefs of our brands (Maine Beach and Treliving), but also infuse the future of design, trends, ethics and technology.

“Sourcing premium Australian ingredients from local growers, producers and artisans, and supporting other Australian businesses will always be part of our mantra. We were honoured to collaborate with Australian artist Malaluba Gumana (The Lilly Lady) and will continue collaborating with Australian artists.”

Cocco Corporation recently relaunched Trelivings, which was founded by Nigel more than 40 years ago.

“Relaunching Trelivings has allowed us to expand the Cocco Corporation business with a modern twist (with its premium designs) and broad market appeal (given its affordable price point).”

“Expansion of product lines and into more overseas markets is a big one for us. With the original Trelivings brand we were previously exporting to 18 countries, which is a great inspiration for us and the direction we’re heading in over the coming years.”

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