Eco brand launches tools for the kitchen

The sustainability movement is really picking up the pace, with more and more companies cutting out plastic and replacing them with eco alternatives.

In the last 10 years alone, more plastic was produced than in the last century. With less than five per cent of plastics being recycled worldwide, that is a scary statistic.

Design specialist, Jamie Phillips, knew he had to do something and so he launched Yesēco, a privately owned company which strives to reduce unnecessary plastic waste by creating eco alternatives for the home.

“I wanted to make a difference,” says Phillips. “I wanted to be part of the solution rather than just talking about what was wrong with the world.

“I realised consumers aren’t the problem, it was the lack of alternatives in the market. I wanted to start solving small problems on a big scale. The idea for Yesēco came from my own frustration of seeing my kitchen bench covered with unnecessary plastic items that would taint the environment forever.”

His first product, the Eco Kitchen Essentials Kit, is made from 100 per cent natural, biodegradable and compostable materials and has all of the washing up and cleaning tools you need.

The stylish alternative does not only help the environment, but looks great too―it can sit out on a benchtop and complement a range of household styles.

“It might seem like a small gesture, but every household and office has a kitchen and small gestures on a grand scale will help keep our beautiful planet plastic-free for generations to come.”

The kitchen essentials kit, which includes fibre dish brushes, expanding sponges and cotton tea towel, retails for $60 or is available on subscription.