Aussies used Covid lockdowns to update their home décor and furnishings in 2020

While many industry sectors went through a challenging time after Covid-19 hit Australia, the homewares sector including furniture saw a steady increase since March.

With many people stuck at home, new research from Amart Furniture shows that a third updated their home décor and furnishings during the pandemic and 40 per cent revealed that making these updates has given them something to be passionate about during lockdown.

Steve Norman, general manager of buying at Amart Furniture says many of us can relate to making changes to the way we live in our homes at the moment.

“Whether that’s creating a new office space from scratch or turning our living rooms into makeshift restaurants, cinemas and gyms, now more than ever consumers are in need of cost-effective home solutions that save on space, money and time,” he explains.

When it comes to why Aussies have been so inspired to improve their homes since Covid, one third (35 per cent) realised they needed a change due to spending more time at home and 31.6 per cent finally had the time to make improvements.

Close to one in five (17.2 per cent) needed to change their home to suit their new lifestyle including a desk set up for those working from home or a more comfortable outdoor living area to support lockdown conditions.

In fact, an extraordinary 93.8 per cent of respondents say the changes they made to their home brought them happiness and 91.5 per cent revealed they now enjoy their home more.

In response to this increasing demand for home décor, Amart Furniture recently announced the launch of its Online Exclusive range, available online only.

“The findings from our recent study are testament to how finding the right furniture plays such a crucial role in the home and its owners' overall happiness. The Online Exclusive range has been specifically designed for those online shoppers seeking out style and functionality, but who are not willing to compromise on quality or budget. The range selection is updated weekly to ensure we’re keeping up with evolving trends and tastes and is available at our lowest ever prices.”

The most popular ways of reinvigorating homes were revealed as buying new furniture (58.4 per cent), followed by rearranging existing furniture (50.4 per cent) and re-organising the home (43.7 per cent).

This Covid decoration trend is showing no signs of slowing down, with 65.7 per cent agreeing that they will continue this interest moving forward.