IHGF Delhi Fair Autumn 2020 goes digital

After the success of the spring fair and with travel restrictions still in place around the world, the 50th edition of IHGF Delhi Fair will again be a virtual event.

Held from 4 to 9 November, the upcoming autumn edition will feature 25 virtual halls where about 1,500 exhibitors will showcase their latest products across categories such as home, lifestyle, fashion textiles and furniture.

Collections will include art metal ware, wood carvings, glassware, fashion jewellery and accessories, hand-printed textiles, shawls, stoles and scarves, embroidered goods, toys, homewares, decoratives, gifts and general handicrafts, home textiles and accessories, candles and incense, pottery, terracotta and ceramics, nautical instruments, Christmas and floral decorations and handmade paper products.

Indian manufacturers and exporters have been working on various product lines to suit the post-Covid consumer requirements, both in terms of products as well as packaging with an emphasis on natural processes, responsible manufacturing and sustainable end products.

Theme Pavilions will feature live demonstrations of craft making on the virtual platform, a rare opportunity to see craftsmen show off their skills in a live setting.

The Trends area will showcase trend stories, forecasts and colour theories for the seasons ahead, while a host of informative webinars as well as web panel discussions will also be broadcast live on the platform.

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