Interiors, colour & style in our latest Home & Living digital magazine

Using colour is a great way to update a home or room, with just a bit of paint or adding some colourful pieces to your interior. The colour forecast for 2019 Filter has been influenced by a desire for stillness, simplicity and honesty and combines neutral hues with bright and exciting colours. Read all about this forecast and the four themes on page 14.

Continuing with the colour theme, our responses to colour are emotional and so when picking colours for the home they need to fit in with the environment as well as make us feel comfortable. Colours can influence our moods, create an atmosphere and lift spirits. On page 24 we look at different ways to use colour for a home’s interior.

Hygge is all about enjoying the simple things in life and with people’s need to go back to basics this concept has become very popular. Similar to the Dutch word gezelligheid, hygge refers to the art of creating intimacy. On page 30 in this month’s digital magazine we look at ways to add some hygge-ness to the home.

The 70s are back in a big way, however, before you start having flashbacks, this time it comes with a modern twist. On page 32 we look at interior trends such as indoor plants, textures, colour and wallpaper that are making a comeback.

Robert Mark brand Banyan features a great collection of unique contemporary pieces that is influenced by nature. On page 10, Giftguide speaks to head buyer Becki Hopes about the latest trends, styling and outside influences.

Rayell has just launched a new range of homewares and décor for the youngsters in our life. A big part of decorating for children is trying to keep up with their ever-changing personalities. The key is to develop a base style and then explore their interests with easy to change accents. Read more on page 22.

Check out our visual merchandising feature on page 26 with some of the most amazing store displays from around the world as well as Australia. Once again we have selected the best products for your store, which you can find starting on page 34.

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