New extravagant art series from Danelle Messaike

The creator of art and design company Luv Four has just launched her third collection, which includes six timeless pieces.

Danelle Messaike’s third art series is called Famous and follows her two previous successful collections, In Bloom and Day & Night.

Her love of flowers and plants paired with her refined brush strokes really shines through in this collection. The floral elements in each painting are infused with deep colour schemes and daring design to instil a powerful feeling of self-worth in each viewer.

With its distinctive style, Messaike intends for this autumn/winter 2018 series to exceed all expectations.

“My latest collection ‘Famous’ features art inspired by the rich tones of dusk; that feeling of calm yet warmth you get when the sun is setting,” she explains.

“They are bold, bespoke floral designs fit for royalty. Deep blues, rich purples and dusty pinks were my love affair. I’m totally obsessed with colour, and of course flowers are my thing.

“I wanted this collection to ooze luxury, though without the price tag! I feel my art works have a timeless air about them. My hope is that they lend themselves to all kinds of interiors and they are something you keep forever, even if you change your interior and style over the years.”

By Marion Gerritsen