New tableware range from Robert Gordon & David Bromley

Australia’s favourite artist David Bromley and cherished potter Robert Gordon have collaborated on a collection of tableware.

The new range features an oversized collection of salt and pepper shakers, which will make a great addition to any table setting.

Bromley and Gordon have been friends for years and both have very successful careers, making this partnership unique and exciting.

“Bromley’s iconic paintings of whimsical butterflies, birds and children come to life on Robert Gordon’s ceramics for every Australian home to love,” says a brand spokesperson for Robert Gordon.

“This unique partnership, marked as one of Australia's finest, is brought to you by two renowned creatives.”

Indeed, Gordon is a self-taught potter and his name is now his family’s with his four children all joining him to dedicate their life to handcrafted ceramics. Their studio is also one of Australia’s last large scale potteries and has been manufacturing high fired stoneware for over 75 years.

“Turn over your plate at any of Melbourne’s well known restaurants and you’ll surely find it is a Robert Gordon.”

Bromley started on the pottery wheel then went on to become a trained painter, doing portraits for many local celebrities.

He and his partner Yuge, a fashion designer, have a successful group of galleries aptly named Bromley & Co. Bromley has developed a unique style of painting that’s recognised here and abroad; the best known series include the nude female portraits, butterflies, birds and children. The couple share two daughters and spend half their time nesting in country Victoria.

This isn’t the first time these two creatives have worked together. Early last year they partnered up for a range of 51 collectible pieces featuring Bromley’s prints on a mix of custom designed mugs, plates, jugs and even a children’s set.

The oversized salt and pepper shakers are available now exclusive to Myer and retail for $59.95.

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