Reusable cup holder Stay Tray launches in Australia

Isn’t it ironic… that’s what Kate Stewart thought when she was walking back to her office after the regular coffee run and realised she was carrying everyone’s reusable coffee cups in a disposable tray.

That was the defining moment that inspired her to launch Stay Tray, a reusable drink tray made from 100 per cent recycled material.

“My days were spent commuting more than three hours a day, in meetings and missing crucial time with my family,” she explains.

“I witnessed first-hand the copious amounts of waste we produce as consumers, retailers and manufacturers. As a result of all of this, the idea for this startup was born, fueled by my desire to work on something that was more meaningful for myself and the community―and most of all, for my children.

“For me societal impact has always been at the forefront―people and planet. We get one chance to leave our legacy, let’s make sure it’s a lasting one for all the right reasons.”

Stay Tray is designed, tooled and manufactured in Australia. Being water resistant, UV stable and dishwasher safe, it is the next step in the environment-consideration movement for personal use items, while also being practical.

“Stay tray carries drinks and the future of the planet, and was made to be used every day.

“We’re passionate about cutting down on the five million tonnes of paper waste generated in Australia every year. We believe that when it comes to environmental sustainability, the little bit that we do everyday matters, because we’re doing it together.”

Approximately five million tonnes of paper and cardboard waste is generated in Australia every year. And 1.6 million tonnes (or 27 per cent) of this waste isn’t even recycled―it’s disposed directly to landfill.

“I believe Stay Tray can be the start of a substantial conscious shift in the way Australians consume in their day-to-day, just as reusable coffee cups have done when they were first released,” Stewart adds.

Available in a variety of colours, and with the added option of having a band or logo printed on the tray, Stay Tray can be a useful and ecofriendly addition to people’s daily routine, retailing at $25.

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