Sexy Socks launches face masks for exercising

With Melbourne going into a second lockdown and masks now being recommended in other states, many people are wondering how they can still enjoy exercising and stay safe at the same time.

Fortunately, true to the creative nature of the company, Sexy Socks foresaw the need for something comfortable, breathable, washable and reusable, and has launched a fun, bright range of Active Snoods and protective scarves to fulfil that need.

For Dave Hutchinson, founder and CEO of Sexy Socks, it was a no-brainer when the virus hit in early March and he wondered what the company could do.

"The first answer was fabric face masks,” he explains. 

“Our production of seamstresses in underprivileged areas in Cape Town all worked from home so could continue production throughout lockdown, and so we got going immediately. The masks were an instant hit, and the work proved to be a vital economic lifeline for all of our seamstresses."

However, the masks weren’t quite practical when exercising so the company switched to Active Snoods, made from single layer high wicking fabric, and are much easier to breathe through when racing up a hill, jogging in the park, and working out in public.

The protective scarf for face and neck has been specifically designed for exercise and can be folded into a double or triple layer to suit your comfort and protection requirements.

"For those who find masks uncomfortable or awkward, Active Snoods will provide a comfortable, trendy way to conform to the ever increasing mask wearing rules and recommendations being put in place across Australia," says Caryn Hanley, commercial director at Buxton Hanley, distributor of Sexy Socks down under.

As with all of its masks, a portion of the proceeds is used to sponsor masks for those in need. To date, the company has given out almost 2,000 masks to those in vulnerable communities in the Western Cape.

"The fact that buying Snoods from Sexy Socks means people in need will get masks too is an added bonus and one of the things we love most about Dave and his team," enthuses Hanley.

Active Snoods are available in four designs and six colours.

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