Sustomi partners with Georgie Wilson for beeswax wrap collection

Sustomi is adding some much needed colour to our lives this winter with its latest range, Summertime Disco.

The collection features designs from artist Georgie Wilson, who loves the Scandi minimalist trend but can’t seem to keep away from colour.

“I find inspiration through everyday life and times, my surroundings and social media goings on,” she says.

“I love nature, graffiti, architecture and interiors, particularly mid-century design. I dream of Scandinavian white interiors but can’t do them―colour just creeps in regardless.”

This works perfectly for Sustomi founder, Bronwyn Kidd, who wants to bring excitement and energy to people through her products.

“Going low-waste can be fun,” she enthuses. “Our prints are vibrant and never dull or boring. Georgie’s work is full of good vibes and takes us to places we love spending time―the sunny beach.”

Indeed, the Summertime Disco range is all about inserting some good vibes into customers’ day.

“The Summer-time Disco collab is actively placing gorgeous artwork in people’s daily lives―imagine sitting down at lunch time, unwrapping a gourmet sandwich freshly wrapped in a Georgie Wilson beeswax wrap.”

Hobart based Sustomi came to life five years ago on a kitchen bench, when Kidd decided to get sticky with some beeswax and fabric.

“I started Sustomi to share the way I live with people. I was brought up in a fairly low-waste household and over the years have learnt how getting organised is a key to people changing their habits, and ultimately, reducing their waste.

“I love beautiful things and couldn’t find stylish, ethical products to fill my home with, so Sustomi was born."

Ultimately at Sustomi it’s about creating a lifestyle we can sustain―one which protects both the earth and our health, Kidd adds.

“We need sustainability in our daily rituals, habits, work, workouts, diet, stuff in the home, time, plastic usage, carbon emissions and we all have different thresholds for what is enough of each of those on the list―you know what it’s like when you work too long one day or use more plastic than normal and get all the guilt feels.

“Sustomi takes a human centred approach to sustainability―we love our earth and know people must change in order to attain environmental sustainability,” she says.

After a tough year, 2021 is looking bright for Sustomi with some exciting opportunities including a new website.

“2020 was a wild ride as you can imagine. Business wise, we were affected with the temporary closure of all the markets we usually attend and our wholesale customers (our largest revenue stream) basically stopping overnight.

“We’ve stayed strong through redefining who we are as a company and who our customers are―we are feeling stronger than ever before now.

“Our new tagline―Your freshly organised life―is about to land, along with our new website and fresh products. We now also offer co-branded beeswax wraps to help organisations get on the low-waste movement, a movement that's here to stay,” Kidd enthuses.